1% for Industry Update: SSF is helping people

1% for Industry Update: SSF is helping people

As the second quarter is wrapping up, we are excited to distribute the first round of funds for our charitable giving program, 1% for Industry.  We feel good about supporting the Southern Smoke Foundation, and the critical work they do to support the restaurant and food systems industry.  They are helping real industry people going through real and personal crisis.  Here are just some of their stories:

A food runner in Louisiana experienced the unexpected loss of his partner and also tore his ACL within months of each other. He had to miss three months of work to have surgery and recover. After exhausting savings and help from family and friends, he could not pay rent and medical costs related to the surgery and recovery. Southern Smoke granted him the funds needed to pay his monthly living expenses until his return to work.

A cook in Ohio diagnosed with breast cancer underwent months of treatments and was having a hard time making ends meet. She worked as much as possible (with restrictions), but was still struggling. Southern Smoke assisted her with her car note and car insurance to help retain both.

A cashier and single mother of four in Georgia courageously confronted domestic violence and took time off to handle matters related to escaping abuse. This led to her falling behind on rent due to missed work. Southern Smoke provided a grant to help with her rent and utilities.

A full-time student and server/bartender in Texas supporting herself and her mother needed financial assistance after missing several days of work and losing power + all groceries from a devastating storm. Southern Smoke provided her with disaster relief assistance to help avoid overdue rent and living expenses.

Impact Update

This year alone, Southern Smoke Foundation has distributed over $800,000 to food and beverage workers in need.   In addition, next month they will officially launch Behind You in Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington, D.C.! This expands the program that is already available in California, Illinois, Louisianna, New York, and Texas.  Behind You supports F+B workers who work at least 30 hours a week with a 6 month work history by covering the costs of counseling services. Visit the Behind You page to learn more or sign up. 

Thank you, Southern Smoke Foundation, and thank you Thaan customers for supporting food and beverage workers with every purchase!  If you'd like a more direct way to support this critical work, use the link below.
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