Thaan Charcoal One Percent For Industry Program

At Thaan Charcoal, we believe that our responsibility extends beyond crafting exceptional charcoal. We recognize the heartbeat of our industry—the tireless chefs, servers, farmers, and food system workers who labor to nourish us all. To honor their dedication, we’ve established the Thaan Charcoal One Percent For Industry Program.

Our Commitment: 1% for Impact

Every time you choose Thaan Charcoal, you’re not just igniting your grill—you’re fueling change. Here’s how it works:

1% of Net Revenue:

  • We earmark 1% of our net revenue specifically for this program. It’s our way of giving back to the industry that fuels our passion

Supporting Food System Workers:

  • Our focus? Enhancing the health and financial security of those who toil behind the scenes. From line cooks to delivery drivers, their well-being matters.

Beneficiary Partner: Southern Smoke Foundation:

  • We’ve chosen the Southern Smoke Foundation as our beneficiary partner. Founded by chef Chris Shepherd, this organization provides emergency relief to food and beverage industry workers in crisis.

Why Southern Smoke?

  • Emergency Relief: Southern Smoke steps in during emergencies—natural disasters, medical crises, and more. They provide financial assistance to those facing unexpected hardships. OVER $11.5 MILLION funds awarded to F+B workers
    nationwide since 2015
  • Mental Health Support: The foundation recognizes that mental health matters. Through their BEHIND YOU program they offer resources and counseling to combat the industry’s unique stressors.
  • Community Building: Southern Smoke fosters a sense of community. They connect industry professionals, creating a safety net of support.
Visit Southern Smoke Foundation

Together, We Ignite Change

“I am always inspired when producers want to support the people that are supporting them,” says Chris Shepherd, founding director of the Southern Smoke Foundation. “It has to be a full circle in lif —industry helping industry. Thaan sees firsthand what happens in the food and beverage industry, the long hours, the stress and the joy. I can’t thank Thaan enough for donating one percent of sales to Southern Smoke foundation to help us take care of the industry.”

When you choose Thaan Charcoal, you’re not just grilling—you’re part of a movement. A movement that values the hands that feed us, the hearts that create, and the resilience of an industry that thrives on passion.

Join us. Ignite flavor. Elevate lives.

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