Chef Ori and Genevieve

Chef Ori Menashe of Saffy's Los Angeles


Our Q & A with Chef Ori of Saffy’s in Los Angeles, California.
Located in Los Angeles, Saffy’s is a neighborhood haunt from
Chef Ori and Genevieve (Bestia, Bavel) serving Middle Eastern
cuisine rooted in traditional flavors while utilizing modern
techniques. Their menu is a reflection of their passion and
connection with these flavors and influences of Middle-Eastern
home-style cooking. As Saffy’s states: “The heart of Saffy's
lives in the kitchen. Our wood fired shawarma rotisserie, wood
burning oven, and hearth for grilling add their own unique
character to both the food and the space...Dinner service will
center around small plates, various house-made breads, seasonal
vegetables, and meats that hit the table straight off of the
fire.“ It’s this philosophy and their style that makes Thaan
Charcoal and their menu such a perfect pair. We also just adore
that Saffy’s is named after their daughter Saffron.
Q: Which dishes benefit from the charcoal cooking of Thaan?
A: All of our skewers including our lobster skewer, mushrooms that
are smoked for our chopped chicken liver, grilled onions for the
endive onion salad, and soon a new dish - our marinated pork


Q: What is the set up in the kitchen for the fire? How does Thaan help in service?
A: We burn almond wood on a grate to produce embers and burn Thaan
Charcoal along side it. This produces embers with longevity that
produce a smokier finished product that is sweeter and not

Q: What about the charcoal cooking enhances certain products or ingredients you serve?
A: The smoke that it produces gives the protein or vegetable a
clean smokey layer.


Q: What is your favorite thing to cook with Thaan Charcoal?
A: Lamb is my favorite thing to cook over the Thaan Charcoal.

Q:Most memorable meal you can think of you’ve experienced recently (from anywhere)?
A: Kato Restaurant in DTLA. I had dinner there with Genevieve, my
brother, and his wife. Every dish that we had was amazing from
savory to dessert to cocktails and the service.

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