Desert Power

Desert Power

Last fall we visited the high deserts of Chihuahua to connect with our lump charcoal manufacturing team, and it was an inspiring experience. We drove out to the charcoal kilns nestled deep in the rocky forests of Los Leones in Estado de Chihuahua. It is wild and beautiful land.

We met the family who has been producing charcoal for two generations, and learned how important charcoal production is to the local economy in this remote area. This same family runs a cantina in the town of Temósachic, La Carboneria, filled with furniture and decorations handmade with juniper and oak. We had incredible steaks from their cattle ranch, cooked on charcoal they made, and eaten in a restaurant they built. Angelica Maria Rodriguez Bustillos, the matriarch, is also the former mayor of Temósachic!

It was incredible to learn about this community, and to witness the creativity and tenacity of the people there. Talk about desert power! Many hands contribute to the production of Thaan Large Lump Charcoal, and offering consistent, high quality charcoal means that around 40% of it doesn't make it into the bag. We have been working on creative ways to utilize more of this incredible product, and we have some exciting news coming later this spring. Stay tuned!

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