Charcoal Dump

How to Start a Charcoal Grill


Gather Your Materials

Charcoal - Use high quality charcoal for the best grilling experience.
Charcoal Chimney - We find the use of a charcoal chimney to be the fastest and easiest way to get charcoal started.
Firestarter - We like fatwood because it is entirely #madebynature.  You can use other firestarters, newspaper, or even a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil.  DON"T USE LIGHTER FLUID!

1 - Fill the Charcoal Chimney
Place the chimney on a heat resistant surface, such as the charcoal rack of your grill. Fill the chimney with the charcoal you need, but don't overfill it.  About 2/3 full works well.  Thai-Style Charcoal logs should be loaded upright in the chimney for best results. 

2 - Add firestarters
Place the firestarter material under the chimney. Light with a stick lighter or long match.  I've also been known to place the charcoal chimney directly over the side burner of a gas grill.  Pro tip!

3 - Wait for the charcoal to ignite
Be patient, and let the chimney do its thing!  Now is a good time to finish your food prep, you don't want to rush this part.  Once all of the charcoal is white and glowing, you are ready to cook.

4 - Dump the charcoal
Careful now, use hot pads or grill mitts to pick up the chimney and carefully dump it into your grill of choice. Use charcoal tongs to arrange the charcoal according to your cooking method.  

5 - Get cooking!
Put your grill grate over the coals, and let the charcoal magic happen.


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