What’s New At Thaan?

What’s New At Thaan?

New Packaging, New Lump Charcoal, Out On The Road

First look at our makeover - Thaan got a little refresh.

We will be launching our Lump Charcoal early this Summer.

We're kicking off the Summer with a trip to Austin, Texas, as sponsors to HOT LUCK FOOD & MUSIC 2022

Is that a makeover and a new product?

Yep. Thaan got a little makeover. Some bright new colors but the same long-burning charcoal you love. And with this rebrand we are unveiling our LUMP CHARCOAL available early summer - Our LUMP CHARCOAL is fast lighting, all natural, easy lighting, with no additives. Used solo or in tandem with our Binchotan-style charcoal, you're pretty much set for grilling outdoors. If you are one of our WHOLESALE customers, scroll down and be sure to hit the "PRE-ORDER" button to receive 20% off your first order of LUMP CHARCOAL.

Where are we going in May?

It's an understatement to say that we are so excited to head south to Austin, Texas, at the end of May. We will be feasting on all of the food and listening to some incredible live music in the hot Texas sun all the while helping the chefs cook with Thaan Charcoal. It's such a great opportunity for us to visit with friends, see new faces and connect with the community over the two things we love the most - good food and music.

Chef Spotlight

Our longtime friend, Chef Doug Adams and The Royal Coachmen, recently treated a group in Portland to a coursed dinner of seafood kissed on the hearth and a smoked prime rib finished over Thaan flame. Just this weekend he loaded up the truck with Thaan and hit the road to Montana to fly fish, camp and of course, cook outdoors over fire. Chef Doug and The Royal Coachmen celebrate the Pacific NW and travel around to share the outdoor, open-fire cooking experience with others. "Thaan is the perfect fit with The Royal Coachmen...great outdoor product for a number of reasons. I think the packaging with the fishing and camping folks will get them pumped. We are all 'pack' freaks."

Want to learn more about Thaan Charcoal or place an order?

Email us at info@thaancharcoal.com or call us (503) 898-0553
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