Are you ready for grilling with Thaan this summer?

Are you ready for grilling with Thaan this summer?

We're so excited for this season of grilling and cooking on our binchotan and lump charcoals all summer long. We got a front row seat to watch Chef Joel Stocks (Graham Elliot, Holdfast Dining) and Emily Stocks share some of their dishes from their JEM SUPPER CLUB. We were grilling up with Thaan outside at their home in Portland, Oregon. The binchotan was used for yakitori, kombu wrapped spot prawns, black cod, quail egg with chicken skins and early summer cherry tomatoes, ramps (our favorite) and even roasted oysters with pickled green garlic, green strawberry, yuzu kosho, balm granita. Chef Joel loves grilling on Thaan for their backyard, coursed dinners with wine pairings from longtime collaborator, "winesman" Jeff Vejr of Les Caves. Watching him grill got us totally inspired to get cooking.

Get your tickets to their JEM Supper Club dinners here 


Good Luck Chef Thomas at the JBF Awards in Chicago

Our good friend Thomas Pisha Duffly of Oma's will be in Chicago as a nominee for Best Chef NW & Pacific for the James Beard Foundation 2022 Awards. The whole family and Oma friends hopped on a plane and will be joining him at the awards ceremony, tonight, held in Chicago. We'll be cheering for all the nominees and their achievements and we can't wait to watch the ceremony. The JBF will be LIVE streaming the ceremony on their official Twitter account @beardfoundation at 5:30pm CST (6:30pm EST and 3:30 PST) tonight Monday, June 13, 2022.


Hot Luck Roundup - Austin, Texas

Hot weather, incredible food and music and a lot of Thaan lump charcoal was fired up with some of our favorite chefs and restaurants in Austin, Texas, over Memorial Day weekend. If we could sum up Hot Luck 2022 in a word...ENERGY. Some of the highlights included Wicked Kitchen grilling at the "Al Fuego" event on May 28th - Chef Derek Sarno took mushroom steaks from local Austin farm Hi-Fi Mycology and grilled over 400 pounds of Oyster and Lion's Mane mushrooms over Thaan lump charcoal to create two "meaty" vegan dishes. MINDS BLOWN. We also enjoyed Thaan grilled dishes from Chef Carlo Lamanga (also a JBF Nominee!) of Manga Kusina of Portland, Oregon, and Chef Donny Sirisavath of Darkoo's Chicken Shack of Dallas, Texas, to name a few. Before the festival we took a little detour and we'll never forget the most delectable meal at Uchiko Austin. We also had the chance to tour the kitchen and see Thaan in action thanks to Chef Jake Yoder and his incredible team. There was also unforgettable times at Suerte, Comedor and ooooh that GOLDEN CASTLE. A huge thank you to founders Mike Thelin and Aaron Franklin for bringing us all together around our favorite things: fire, food, drinks and music. We cannot wait to be back next year in 2023.

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