Thaan Grill Assembly Instructions



  • Open the box containing your Thaan Grill.
  • Remove the grill top from the grill body.
  • Cut straps to free the grill components, and remove them from the grill body.
  • Carefully lift the grill body out of the box.
Initial Setup:
  • Locate 2 small boxes each with 3 refractory bricks.
  • Place bricks in the bottom of the grill body so that the long edges of the bricks span the width of the grill. See diagram above.

Positioning the Charcoal Trays:


  • Locate the charcoal trays and remove additional packaging.
  • Place these trays directly onto the refractory bricks.
  • Ensure that the tray handles meet in the middle of the grill body.

Assembling the Grill Top:


  • Position the grill top over the grill body.
  • Align the edges and ensure a snug fit.

Adding the Grill Grates:


  • Retrieve the grill grates from their packaging.
  • Place these grates onto the grill top.
  • Make sure the rounded sides of the grates are facing outwards.
  • Your Thaan Grill is now assembled and ready for grilling! Remember to follow safety precautions and enjoy your new favorite piece of equipment.